Why Breastfeeding Is Great For Moms Too

mom bonding with babyBy breastfeeding your baby, you will naturally have a much lower risk of breast as well as ovarian cancer. Breastmilk also adds another layer of protection to the baby, in the form of a boosted antibody response. The overall growth of a baby is likewise affected by how frequent a mother breastfeeds her baby. In fact, for at least the first 6 months of a baby’s growth, all he or she has to drink for his or her ‘meal’ is milk, whether just breastmilk or a mix of breastmilk and powdered milk. More often than not, a baby will have to depend on powdered milk as a supplement because often, mothers won’t be able to produce as much breastmilk as is needed by her baby.

Also, a mother’s breastmilk is quite unlike the powdered baby formula being sold in stores. Regardless of how premium or expensive a certain brand of powdered milk is, none can ever come close to beating a mother’s breastmilk. It’s not only the baby that benefits from constant breastfeeding. The mother herself actually gets a boost of health benefits as well.